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Dr. Tomei (Licia's LinkedIn Page) has contributed to the fields of protein chemistry and drug discovery for over 3 decades and will share this knowledge with us at Discovery Bites.  After two postdoctoral fellowships, first at Centro di Ingegneria Genetica and then EMBL, Dr. Tomei accepted a position as Senior Research Fellow at Merck Research Labs -- Rome, the site at which she would continue at after it became IRBM.  She continued her research at IRBM as Head of the Biochemistry Group and starting in 2019 Dr. Tomei took on the responsibility of directing the Display Technologies group.  With a rich background in biochemistry, her research interests center on applying state-of-the-art methods for identifying new peptide drugs and enhancing their efficacy through chemical modification.  Dr. Tomei is the author on 50+ research papers, most recently contributing to the discovery of NRF2 activators (10.1016/  Much of her work at MRL and subsequently at IRBM was focused on identifying potent anti-viral drugs.  We look forward to having Dr. Tomei share her insights gained over a very productive scientific career.

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